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UK Schools introduce Gambling Curriculum

UK Schools introduce Gambling Curriculum

Starting in September, teenagers are going to be taught about the risk of gambling in UK schools as a part of the ‘Personal, Social, Health and Economic’ (PSHE) education programme.

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As we all know, gambling can be fun if played responsibly. However, the risk of addition is high if not controlled effectively. That’s why the Government and other gambling regulatory bodies have been implementing some measures to prevent gambling related harm, causing the revenue in the industry to drop by 17% by 2024, affecting the best bookmakers in the UK and all over the world.

One of these measures is to start educating the younger generation of the possible risks across all gambling engagements.

The chief executive of GambleAware, Marc Etches, said: “Very few teenagers have actually been taught about the risk associated with gambling and what the signs of problem gambling are.”

UK statistics have showed that 55,000 children suffer from gambling problems. With this, PSHE association partnered with GambleAware to create a programme that will educate teenagers about the risks of all types of gambling including playing the National Lottery, scratch cards and fruit machines.

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