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Suspected fraud in Paraiba football

Suspected fraud in Paraiba football
The suspicion of fraud in Paraiba football caused bookmakers to suspend games; check all the details.
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Recently, one of the sports betting companies reported the suspicion of fraud in Paraibano football and suspended all betting tickets involving matches in the Paraibano Championship.

After becoming aware of the alleged fraud in Paraibano football, the Paraibana Football Federation (FPF) appealed to the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Paraíba Sports Justice Court (TJDF-PB) to investigate the alleged manipulation of results.

According to experts in the sports betting sector, the 9th round of the Paraibano Championship between CSP and Sport Lagoa Seco that happened on Wednesday (22) had been canceled at bookmakers even abroad, as according to them, the most likely probability was for the CSP to score 6x0, then the game was canceled on the sports betting sites during the second half, where the CSP was already scoring the 4x0.

However, in the second half, the club scored another goal, getting the score to 5x0. And, in the 34th minute of the match, the sixth goal came out, which was only finished in the 42nd minute when the CSP scored the 7-0 against Sport Lagoa Seca.

Prior to this, Interpol would have alarmed betting sites about alleged irregularities involving this game.

The repercussion exploded when Aldeono Abrantes, Sousa's president, confirmed that he had received offers in relation to the Sport Lagoa Seca game. According to the president, the cash offer served to favor the team. Thus, the Paraibana Football Federation took the case to the Public Prosecutor and to the TJDF-PB on Tuesday (28th), with the audios involving the alleged manipulation of the game.

Michelle Ramalho, president of the FPF, sent the letter to the president of the TJDF-PB, Raoni Vita, requesting that "all appropriate measures be taken for the rigorous investigation of the facts and that all those responsible be exemplarily punished".

In addition, the Special Action Group Against Organized Crime (Gaeco) had been notified of the situation and the documentation forwarded to the appropriate entities.

The sports betting sites canceled the Paraibano Championship games of their categories.

It is worth remembering that this was not the first time that Paraíba went through this scenario. During 2018, referees and State Directors had been convicted by Justice in Operation Cartola. In 2019, the dispute for Serie D between the teams Campinense and Vitória, ended with Campinense nailing the score of 4x0, raising suspicions about an alleged manipulation on the scoreboard.

For now, there is no further information on the case.