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CS:GO: RED Canids was the CLUTCH Circuit champion

CS:GO: RED Canids was the CLUTCH Circuit champion
The team RED Canids was CLUTCH Circuit champion; check the details.
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In a fierce final against Sharks, the RED Canids team won the CLUTCH Circuit after finishing the match with a 3x2 score at the Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. The match that was played in the "best of five" format (Bo5), was a test of nerves for both teams, who had to take the game to extra time.

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Before the addition of maps, RED had won in "Nuke" map, by the score of 16x11, and the final in the "Train", by 19x17. In overtime, Sharks managed to win on "Dust2" and "Mirage" by 16x6, ending up in second place, earning the amount of R $ 25.000. Meanwhile, RED Canids took home the R $ 60,000 prize.

The duel

Dust 2 - 1x1
The first game map was "Dust2". Here RED started the match with an advantage, having won the "CT" pistol, getting 4 kills. However, the team soon saw Sharks apply their tactics and gain the advantage. Shortly thereafter, Sharks won the first half by 10x5. On the way back, RED Canids saw its rival take over the map and finish "Dust2" with the score of 16x6.

Nuke - 2x1
The second showdown was "Nuke". Here the choice was made by RED Canids, who started the game by winning the pistol as "TR", opening an advantage for the rest of the game. Soon, Sharks managed to get close to the Canids by 6x5, but RED closed the first half of the game by the score of 8x7. On the way back, we had a quiet confrontation until half the time. After some offensive by Sharks, Canids decided to show who was in charge and closed the map by 16x11.
Mirage - 2x2
The third map chosen was "Mirage". Here we had a Sharks opening the advantage since the beginning of the confrontation, cutting the score 7x1. With a clear disadvantage, RED Canids tried to be reluctant, but to no avail. Sharks closed the first half by the score of 11x4. On the return, Sharks took advantage of their rival's failures and closed the third map by the score of 16x6.
Train - 3x2
The last map chosen was "Train". Here we had a round played with knives, where RED Canids won and decided to start the game as "CT" and winning the first pistol. Already armed, Sharks managed to win the round and turned the game against its rival. However, RED Canids were not willing to let the worst happen, quickly the team closed the first half by the score of 10x5. On the return, Sharks won the pistol and scored five rounds in a row, drawing by 10x10. Soon after the tie, Sharks amended good rounds, but saw RED Canids tie the game, having to take the dispute to an extension in the final battle.
Now in OT, Canids performed well as a "TR" and took advantage of the loopholes that Sharks emitted, winning the first two rounds. After that, Sharks was reluctant and won two rounds in a row, but RED managed to win the last round of the dispute and took the victory home.
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