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Players suffer punishment for involvement with betting

Players suffer punishment for involvement with betting

Two players from Wales have been suspended for betting.

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Two athletes were suspended by the Football Association of Wales (FAW) for being involved in sports betting. The players violated FAW rules of conduct, and in addition to being suspended they were also fined.

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The athletes are Thomas Creamer of Conwy Borough FC. and Luke Cummings, of Barry Town United AFC. Both players were punished with 3 suspension games at Cymru Premier, the professional football league in Wales. However, the athletes performed bets in different competitions.
Creamer, supposedly would have placed bets on the national competition itself, in a total of 13 matches. Cummings, on the other hand, chose 10 Europa League matches to place their bets. Furthermore, the player participated in the competition together with his current club.

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Players were framed for failing to comply with FAW rule 38.1.4 of the country's disciplinary committee. The suspension of both athletes will begin on December 28 and will last until the teams complete the games that were imposed on Thomas Creamer and Luke Cummings. In addition, the players were fined financially, but it will not hurt in their pocket, as Cummings was fined 200 pounds and Creamer 250 pounds.
Wales has some rules that prohibit the practice of sports betting by professional athletes. Players are not allowed to place, let alone accept, bets on games within the country, or games for international competitions in which Welsh teams are competing.
The championship from which Creamer and Cummings were suspended has professional and semi-professional teams, being considered the main football competition in Wales. The champion guarantees a place in the early stages of the Champions League, which are eliminatory. The runner-up, qualifies for the early stages of the Europa League. The league has had that name since last season.
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