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Poker Star: David Peters

Poker Star: David Peters
Today's poker star is the American David Peters.
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Born on April 16, 1987, David Peters grew up and resides in Toledo, Ohio, in the United States. The poker pro is one of the most famous of all time in the industry. In his bank account, Peters already exceeds the $ 33 million margin. For his achievements, Peters is indeed one of the most respected players in the live poker environment.

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The player's career began through an indirect influence of the legend Chris Moneymaker. During the 2003 WSOP Main Event, Peters watched Moneymaker play and fell in love with the game. From that moment on, the American went after online freeroll events, and on one occasion Peters managed to win $ 600. Despite appearing to be a small sum, the six hundred dollars further encouraged Peters to head into the game, and that's the professional's career began.

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After several tournaments and studies, Peters has become a constant presence in the poker championships since 2006. After that, the star began to solidify his career and managed to remain successful in the game. Peters' presence is always expected within major poker tournaments, both in the United States and internationally.
Known as "dpeters17", Peters has already won two medals within the World Series of Poker. The first bracelet came into the hands of the ace in the 2016 $ 1,500 No Limit Hold'em tournament, having received more than a trifle of $ 412,557 for his victory. The second bracelet came in the year 2020, in the special edition of the World Series of Poker Online, the $ 10,000 Heads Up No Limit Hold'em Championship, having cashed in the amount of US $ 360,480. In addition, Peters also achieved the feat of receiving the World Series of Poker Circuit ring, earning the sum of $ 89,908. Under his belt, Peters has around 55 World Series of Poker tournaments and eleven final tables.
Another highlight in the player's career took place within the World Poker Tour, where Peters has already received more than $ 2,800,000 through his tournaments. On the World Poker Tour, Peters has nine entries and three final tables. According to his resume, the American had the highest profit on the World Poker Tour in the year 2016, during the edition of the WPT National-Philippines $ 200,000. At the time, Peters ended up being eliminated in second place, but when he got the runner-up, the American took home the $ 2,309,000 jackpot, being his biggest prize received to date.
In the European Poker Tour series of tournaments, Peters has five entries and only one final table at the EPT. However, all of his participation has already earned the player the amount of US $ 600 thousand.
Another success of the player happened on July 4, 2015. On the day in question, Peters won his first grand prize in his career, taking approximately $ 1 million. The trifle went into the ace's pockets as he took part in the $ 500,000 No Limit Hold'em Eight Max tournament, held at Poker Central, Super High Roller Bowlde. Although the player was eliminated in fifth place in the tournament, Peters took home approximately $ 1 million.
In this year of 2021, one of the highlights of David Peters happened during the edition of SCOOP 2021 within PokerStars. In the episode in question, Peters was present at the event # 72-High $ 10,300 NLHE 8-Max. Although he had a good campaign during the edition of this tournament, Peters ended up being eliminated in the fourteenth place, earning the amount of US $ 21,913.

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