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DOTA 2 Champions League Announced

DOTA 2 Champions League Announced
The DOTA 2 Champions League competition was announced by the partnership between the Russian Federation of eSports and Epic Esports Events.
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This past Friday, the DOTA 2 Champions League was announced in a partnership between the Russian Federation of eSports and Epic Esports. The partnership gave rise to a new Valve MOBA championship, DOTA 2. According to information, the entities will hold a series of gaming events.

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It has been revealed that Epic Esports Events, in conjunction with the Russian eSports Federation, will host five tournaments, which will guarantee $250,000 in prizes. It was also announced that the broadcasts will be made by RuHub Studio and The EsportsBible. In addition, Epic Esports Events closed a partnership with GRID eSports and will have data exclusivity for the competition.

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As such, the Russian eSports Federation and Epic Esports Events have designed the first DOTA 2 Champions League for July 19th to August 8th. In this, it was clarified that each competition will have ten teams in the dispute.
During the group stage, nine teams will be invited and the winner of the qualifiers. However, the entities revealed that there are already confirmed teams for the dispute, such as: Puckhamp, Winstrike, Team Unique, EXTREMUM, Nemiga and Gambit. Despite the confirmations, there are still more invitations open, and the other participating teams will be revealed soon.


The group stage format will be Round Robin in Best of Three. Therefore, the top eight teams from the group stages will guarantee their presence in the playoffs. After that, the semifinals will continue in the same format, with changes only in the grand final, where the duel will be made in Best of Five.
However, the qualifiers will be done in a single elimination format, until the semifinals of the stage. After that, the duels will start to be in Best of Three. The dates of the qualifiers will still be announced by the entities.

Epic Sports Events

Event organizer Epic Esports Events usually holds eSports competitions with the sport's top athletes in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The organizer has been active since 2016 and beats the record for audiences with each transmission, including stadiums filled to capacity in their in-person events.
The company's curriculum includes awards such as: UBEA, Eventex, MarSpo, BISPO, BEMA and Sport Leaders. Among other achievements, the organizer has also organized the championships: Parimatch League, MegaFon Winter Clash, Adrenaline Cyber ​​​​League and KFC Battle.


The DOTA 2 World Championship has finally stabilized and will happen. DOTA 2 developer and event organizer, Valve, has confirmed that the competition will take place in Bucharest, Romania.
As revealed by the developer, the DOTA 2 World Championship is scheduled to take place from October 7th to 17th. In addition, as usual, the championship will bring a total of US$ 40 million, of which the teams will compete for a very generous share.
The International is known for being the highest valued event in the world of electronic sports. For example, in the last edition of the event, in 2019, champion OG took home more than US$15 million.
In 2020, the competition unfortunately could not be held due to the global pandemic. Therefore, Valve opted to postpone the competition, bringing it to the 2021 edition. Originally, The International 2021 was supposed to take place in Sweden, but the government did not recognize the modality as an elite sport.

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