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PokerStars introduces two new ambassadors

PokerStars introduces two new ambassadors
The world's biggest virtual poker house, PokerStars, has introduced two new brand ambassadors.
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On this last day, the world's biggest virtual poker house, PokerStars, introduced two new brand ambassadors. The first name revealed by PokerStars was Alejandro Lococo, better known as "Papo MC", who will be the new ambassador for the brand. Then the world's biggest virtual poker house unveiled the name of Benjamin Rolle, as the new member of the PokerStars ambassadors.

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Papo MC

Argentine pro Alejandro Lococo, known on the virtual world as "Papo MC", in addition to being the new brand ambassador, is also active in the music scene as a rapper and has been noticed several times at the PokerStars tables. Through this, the grinder was called to be the ambassador for the biggest virtual poker house in the world.

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Diversifying his resume, Lococo has been a rapper since 2011, but found a new love in 2016. In the year in question, Papo MC began venturing into Argentina's live events in the poker modality, and quickly gained notoriety for his skills. The grinder also started to participate in online tournaments, where he stood out more and more.
Commenting on his new role as brand ambassador, Papo MC revealed the following: "Today is a big day for me, I'm so proud to wear the PokerStars badge. This is a big step in my career. This is where every poker player dreams of being. Let's work hard to take poker to the next level. See you at the tables"
The new addition to PokerStars already has plans to attract other players to the scene. According to information, Papo MC has the carte blanche to create attractions, such as "Papo's Talk Show", a program that takes place monthly with people from the music business and international stars. In addition, the musician also has a channel on the Twitch platform where he usually performs his lives for the poker community.

Benjamin Rolle

The German pro Benjamin Rolle came to Pokerstars as yet another brand booster to be an ambassador for the world's biggest virtual poker house. Owner of the nickname "bencb789", the ace has already acquired large amounts on the virtual felts, with an emphasis on PokerStars, where the player has already passed the million mark. Now, he will be present in the role of representing the PokerStars brand as an ambassador for the house.
When closing the partnership with the largest virtual poker house in the world, Rolle chose to share the news on his own social network, revealing the following: "I am excited to be working on new projects and helping to grow poker. With Pokerstars as a Partner, it is going to be much easier to make an impact and give immediate feedback.
Rolle is known for great achievements in his journey, but no one has ever known his real name. The community only knew him by his nickname, "bencb789". However, it wasn't until 2019 that everyone came to know his real name, when Benjamin Rolle participated in that year's WSOP. Although this, before revealing his true identity, the pro had already accumulated a very generous amount in his bankroll, with emphasis on the Super High Roller title of the WCOOP 2016, where he won the amount of US$ 1,172,361.
Today, Benjamin Rolle has a great poker school, where he often teaches his techniques and strategies to be a great poker player. Now, with the title of ambassador for PokerStars, the grinder can show that there is a path to success in poker. It's worth mentioning that grinder bencb789 recently took home $302,837 on PokerStars.

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