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Great teams that are going through a bad time

A great emblem can come from five consecutive defeats and still, in the next game,against an average team, it will still remain as favorite. How to take advantage of a bad time for a great team?

The bettor's ability to make a good qualitative analysis will make all the difference when investing in a valueable odd.

NBA 2K20 results leaked online

After the video game tournament results were leaked online, bookmakers suspended all the bets related to it.

Reasons behind Triplebet's suspension

Today, Gambling Commission published the reasons to suspend the gambling business license on February 17.

Diary: the history of bets made with justifications

A good justified betting history serves to make better choices when we find identical games in the future.

At the beginning, it should keep all the information it can, so that later on it can have many analysis options to do with these results.

The professional trader's marathon

The goal of a trader should be to be exposed to the market for a short time, scalping a few ticks, and closing position ensuring a small profit from each entry in the market.

Betting trading is a marathon and not 100 meters, because haste is the enemy of perfection and in trading your movements need to be perfect and concise.

Virtual Grand National earns £2.6 million for National Health System

The Virtual Grand National, a replacement for Grand National to entertain racing fans, reached 4.8 million viewers!

Caesars Entertainment fined with £13 million

Gambling Commission fined Caesars Entertainment due to a series of “Systematic failures” including money laundering and social responsibility failings.

What are the most common types of bets?

I will talk here about the types of bets that we will find in bookmakers, presenting those betting options that are more common and talking a little about the differences between some types of bets.

How to train your psychological?

Forget bookmakers. False information. Exaggerated commissions. Bad luck. None of these enemies are as powerful as your mind.

In this article I bring you techniques for psychological training applied to sports betting.

Grand National will be replaced for a Virtual Race

Virtual Grand National will be a replacement for the Grand National, which was cancelled due to current world situation.
No tv schedule yet for US (change)

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