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The 4 key factors in Trading

Sports Trading should be faced with work and realism, don't think it's easy money. Your emotional control and bank management are two of the cornerstones upon which you should build in order to achieve your main goal: end the month with profits.

You do not need to be a professional trader to work like one.

What is behind the fair odd calculation

To arrive at the fair odd, be it an Over/Under or on a 1X2 market, we must take into account everything that is relevant to that match: tables and pre-live statistical indicators, news or other psychological, less measurable factors of the teams and match.

What is a betting bot, how do they work?

In short, a bot is a software that places your bets automatically at betfair, based on if{} conditions.

Making a bot is no more than programming the mathematical conditions that we already use mentally when we are performing a bet or trade.

How to win money betting on tennis

Tennis is one of the best sports for betting on Betfair, with plenty of opportunities to make money, both before and during the games.

The full time bettor and tennis expert from Betfair blog, Sean Calvert, highlights the best ways to maximize your profit...

What are the basics of horse racing in the UK?

Horse racing in Britain is big business and extremely popular. If you're new to British racing, then you need to examine the basics. You might be familiar with racing in another country, or new to the game altogether.

You may already know how it works in other countries, or it may all be new for you. Read more all here.

Horse racing market types.

Knowing the basis of horse racing is of great importance.

With this article you will get to know what to expect of the major market on the racetrack.

Football Trading: Time Bombs

The good trader knows how to take advantage of the market variations at any given moment.

A good trading time management minimizes your exposure and protects your profits.

What does Betting and Trading Bots can or cannot do for you?

Bots were always surrounded by an aura of mystery and fascination, sometimes regarded as magical tools capable of guaranteeing massive profits, true “money machines”!

The reality is very different though and the ultimate objective of this article is to finally put this question to rest, showing clearly what a bot can (and can’t) do for the bettor.

Are you (really) ready to be a professional trader?

Paulo Rebelo’s Chronicle for “Remate” magazine (issue No 3) 28 January 2012. Another Paulo Rebelo’s chronicle fills the center pages of the first Portuguese magazine targeted to Online Sports Betting.

“This chronicle addresses the difficulties that every professional traders cross. It was made based on a suggestion left the thread that I created in our forum to discuss this magazine’s articles.”

What is Trading?

Paulo Rebelo’s Chronicle for “Remate” magazine (issue No 1) 7 January 2012

Another Paulo Rebelo’s chronicle fills the center pages of the first Portuguese magazine targeted to Online Sports Betting.



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