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Trading on Betfair: How do I get started?

Although at first trading can seem extremely difficult to the beginner, with a lot of practice and some determination a good consistent profit can be earned. It is important to note that trading is time-consuming and it can be stressful as you need to be watching odds but this can only lead to experience.


Bet Angel - One click stop loss

Take the emotion out of your trading with the one click stop loss. No need to mess around and set anything in advance. 

Win whatever the result with Bet Angel

Following our sponsorship of the races at Wolverhampton a lot of people contacted us to ask how it was possible to win whatever the results. Here is the answer. This video explains the concept of trading on a betting exchange to win whatever the result.

Introduction to trading on the Betfair betting exchange

A simple introduction to the mechanics of trading. Learn what trading is and how to do it. This video gives you a step by step guide, broken down into clear instructions so you can understand exactly what trading is, why it works and how to do it.

Bet Angel - Registering your account

A quick video to show you how to register your account after you have downloaded Bet Angel.

Bet Angel - Downloading and installing or upgrading

Video instructions on how to download and install your software.


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2 Pabloferreira 17,5€ 1,233%
3 Fernando Miguel Cunha Costa 15€ 1,184%
4 fabioribeiro 12,5€ 1,170%
5 dansilva84 10€ 1,154%
6 Nhunhu 10€ 1,098%
7 AndreRodriguez19 10€ 972%
8 El Tipster 10€ 965%
9 godinho1906 10€ 963%
10 diabito 10€ 928%
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