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Definitions for: P


Synonims: Accumulator, Multiple.


Synonims: Tip.

Plain Strategies

A Plain Strategy is a betting method that follows strict pre-defined conditions and rules and doesn’t account for subjective indicators of the match. It is suitable to be applied by automatic betting software (Betting Bot).
A plain strategy takes advantage of Market imperfections. It is called ‘plain’ because the tactic used is always the same regardless of the game.


Synonims: Odd, Probability.


Synonims: Odd, Price.


Is an analysis for a future sports event that includes a detailed explanation made usually based on statistics analysis, teams’ Rating, and Technical Analysis of past odds.


Person who makes bets (Back bets) in the outcome that he predicts for a certain sports event and then waits until the match ends to verify if he won or lost his Bet. A Punter doesn’t close his bets, he doesn’t do Trading.
See: Trader.