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Sports betting analysis

Antofagasta Palestino betting prediction (02 December 2020)
Chile - Primera División
Antofagasta has the desire to score points in this journey, so they will have to go up to the opponent. Visitors try at least one point, but will not have facilities. We see the hosts as favorites, so we will bet on Antofagasta's triumph at the end of the match.

Gorica Slaven betting prediction (02 December 2020)
Croatia - 1. HNL
Acting at home, Gorica will have to go strong for the match and thus go after points. Visitors want to create difficulties for the home team, so they can't just defend. This tends to be an agitated match, so a good option and bet will be that both teams score.

Charleroi WB betting prediction (02 December 2020)
Belgium - First Division A
Playing at home, we expect a Charleroi to go strong from the opening minutes. The visitors need to show more on the pitch in order not to be defeated. We see the hosts as the favorites, so our bet will be on Charleroi's triumph at the end of the first half.

Wisła Płock Pogoń betting prediction (02 December 2020)
Poland - Ekstraklasa
Acting at home, Wisla Plock will try to have control of the game, thus acting intelligently. Visitors must score hard, trying to hold on to the owners of the house. This tends to be a tied game with a lot of markings. We will bet no more than 2.5 goals in the match.

Viking Brann betting prediction (02 December 2020)
Norway - Eliteserien
This challenge has a great tendency to be balanced, since it puts on the field two teams that aim to continue to triumph in these conditions. Still, we hope that the Viking will dominate the game and enjoy the best opportunities to score goals, however, in some moments of the game, Brann should have the initiative of the match. That said, we believe in a very disputed game with opportunities on goal, making risking ‘’ Plus 2.5 Goals ’’ a good option.

Start Bodø/Glimt betting prediction (02 December 2020)
Norway - Eliteserien
The most likely scenario for this match will be Bodo/Glimt to win. We admit that this game will be very disputed, with some moments of the game open, however, visitors are expected to have more initiative in the game due to its collective quality. In addition, Start is going through a positive phase, however, it has gaps in its style of play. Having said that and taking into account these details, betting in favor of Bodo/Glimt on this journey is of enormous value.

Aalesund Sandefjord betting prediction (02 December 2020)
Norway - Eliteserien
This match places two teams that arrive with defeats, however, the big favorite to win this game is the Sandefjord. In this way, it will be natural for outsiders to be far superior to the locals, during a large part of the encounter, making taking a chance on something for their side is quite interesting. That said, and analyzing the markets, we find great value in betting in favor of the Sandefjord to win.

Haugesund Mjøndalen betting prediction (02 December 2020)
Norway - Eliteserien
The most likely scenario for this game will be the existence of several goals. We believe that Haugesund will dominate part of the game and enjoy the best goal opportunities as they have a powerful attack at home, however, Mjondalen's quick transitions will create serious difficulties for the home team. In this way and like the last games in this stadium, we believe in an open game that ends with a few goals in the final marker.

Sarpsborg Kristiansund betting prediction (02 December 2020)
Norway - Eliteserien
This game has some tendency to be balanced, since Sarpsborg acts inside doors and Kristiansund is going through a positive moment in the season. In this way, we believe that they provide a very open game and with several situations of real danger, making the game very interesting to watch. That said and taking into account also the strong offensive sectors, betting on goals in this match is an excellent option.

Monza Vicenza betting prediction (02 December 2020)
Italy - Serie B
The likely scenario will be the occurrence of few goals. Monza must give the opponent the initiative to explore the spaces between the lines and thus kill the aspirations of the visiting team. On the other hand, Vicenza must take control of the ball possession and favor the positional attack. Having said that and taking into account these factors, we expect a very tactical game with the two teams canceling each other.

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