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Definitions for: S

Sawtooth Wave

Sawtooth wave is the name given to the shape of the odds versus time graph when the odds are constantly varying 1 Tick (up and down) making the graph looks like an horizontal line with saw teeth.


Trading technique characterized by several cycles of opposite bets (Back/Lay or Lay/Back) with a minimal oscillation, separated only by 1 or 2 ticks.
See: Trading, Tick.


Stake is the amount that the bettor risks when he makes a Bet. In a Back Bet: it’s the amount risked to win some other figure depending on the odds. In a Lay Bet: it’s the same as Liability, it’s the amount that the bettor will lose if it actually happens the event on which he’s betting not to occur.

Staking Plan

Synonims: Money Management.


Fast drop of odds. Usually happens when there are a large number of bettors backing that same selection.
Opposite: Drift.

Strike Rate

Ratio of number of winning bets and total number of bets, expressed in percentage. Example: bettor placed a total of 60 bets, and won 42 of those bets. His Strike Rate is 42/60 = 70%.
Higher the Strike Rate, bigger the profitability of betting; however, Strike Rate alone, without odds, cannot determine whether betting is profitable or not.
Example: Strike Rate of 50% is expected to produce profit if average odds were higher than 2.00, but is expected to produce loss below those average odds.
See: ROI.


It’s a Bet where you will win for sure, no matter the final outcome of the sports event.
See: Arbitrage.