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At the bookmakers is where an user can place his bets. There are physical bookmakers and online bookmakers. At the online bookmakers placing a bet it’s easy and fast.

Most online bookmakers cover a wide range of sports and betting forms. You can place single or multiple bets. A multiple bet is the combination of more than one single bet, making the prize money higher, if you get all your choices right.


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Betting exchange

A betting exchange is an intermediary space between several bettors who trade bets.

Here you’re able to buy and sell your bets (Lay and Back bets).

There are softwares that make it easier to place a bet at Betting exchange website. BetAngel and GeeksToy are some examples of such softwares.



In addition to traditional deposit and withdrawal methods (bank transfer, credit card, ATM or even at some homes) there are the electronic wallets.

We recommend the usage of these e-wallets, because the transaction rates are lower.

The most economical procedure is as follows:

  1. Make a deposit on an e-wallet via bank trasnfer;
  2. Use that e-wallet to make the deposits and withdrawals from the bookmaker;
  3. Withdrawal the money from the e-wallet by bank transfer, or, for more frequently users, ask for a credit card from that e-wallet.