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How to Bet


To start betting online you must open an account on a bookmaker website

With what?

With the Money you have available at the bookmaker website.

On what?

If after the statistics analysis of a game you are convinced that Team A is going to win, then you bet on them. You can also bet in the total amount of goals in a game, which team is going to score first, the half-time result, and many others.

Against who?

The bookmakers are the ones that accept your bet. In a betting exchange website, your bets are accept by other people like you and they buy your bet.


You can bet before and/or even during the game. Most bookmakers let you place bets during the game, when the events (like a goal) make the prize vary a lot for each bet.

Betting adds emotion and excitement to your favorite sport!

When you win a bet, the prize is credited to your bookmaker account, then you can withdraw it the same way you made your deposit for the bookmaker.

Practical example of a sports bet

Match between Valencia and Atl Madrid

At a bookmaker you find, for this game, inside the Match Odds, the next available betting options :

Valencia → odd 1.96

The Draw → odd 3.75

Atl Madrid → odd 4.2


- What are the odds?

The odds are the multiplicative inverse of the probability. The higher the odds, the most unlikely for that result to happen, however the prize you win if that result happens is higher.

Using the odds from this exemple you can see that:

Valencia = 1/1.96 = 51,02%

Atl Madrid = 1/4.2 = 23,81%

The Draw = 1/3.75 = 26,67%


There is approximately a 51% chance for Valencia to be the winner;

There is approximately a 24% chance for Atl Madrid to be the winner;

There is approximately a 27% chance for the game to end in a draw.

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- How to place a bet?

You study the game, do a statistic analysis, watch the news and together with your opinion you reach the conclusion that Valencia will most likely win. So you bet on Valencia.

You click on the button with 1.96 odds and decide to place a 10€ stake for Valencia to win.


- Interpertation of the bet:

If Valencia wins, you get your 10€ back, plus a profit of 9.6€.

Profit = (bet odds - 1) X amout betted

In this exemple: profit = (1.96 - 1) X 10€ = 9,6€

If Atl Madrid wins, you lose the amount you betted, in this case 10€.

If the game ends in a draw, you also lose the amount betted, in this case 10 €.