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Yeşil Bursa AŞ

Country Turkey Trophies Not available
Founded 1974 UEFA rank -
Official page Players -
Phone +90 (224) 219 4536 Age avarage -
Email Height average -
Weight average -

Frequently asked questions

⚽ Which was the final score of the last match of Yeşil Bursa?

The last match of Yeşil Bursa was the Yeşil Bursa vs Kayserispor, on 26 October 2017, which ended 1-2, in a win of Kayserispor.

⚽ Which is the stadium of Yeşil Bursa?

Currently, the stadium of Yeşil Bursa is Minareliçavuş Spor Tesisleri, in the city of Nilüfer, Bursa, with a maximum capacity of 1000 spectators.