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Bet Angel - Registering your account

A quick video to show you how to register your account after you have downloaded Bet Angel.

What should be done when Betfair is down?

Being trader carries risks.
One is that Betfair fails between a negotiation.
Sometimes we will win from the situation, others suffer.

Fairly the money value

The money helps bring happiness, but won't buy it.
It is a mistake to seek happiness through money that you can win betting.

To succeed in betting you must detach yourself emotionally from money.

Difference between high odds and valuable odds

There bets worthy with high odds, but there is also worthy bets with low odds.

We should seek bets with value.
A high odd doesn't mean that it's a worthy odd.

The importance of a journal

Justify bets allows you to:
1) Create a database on the strategies followed and later analysis, allowing discover the most profitable strategies.
2) Avoid betting on uncontrollable times of thrillsl.

Bet Angel - Downloading and installing or upgrading

Video instructions on how to download and install your software.
No tv schedule yet for US (change)

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